4_aces4 Aces – Plus! I wish I had blue face paint. Because if I did, I would have put it on and a kilt to boot. I screamed results this last week. As you remember, I had a  pre-challenge goal of first breaking the 200 pound glass floor. I broke through On Friday, achieving 199 pounds. I had a private male smirk going on, as I strutted in slow motion from the gym scale.

On to the rest of my weight loss goals:

1. Win #1 – Kept the average calorie intake below the 2,000 calorie level. Specifically 1,787 calories was the average from Sunday April 25 through Saturday May 1, 2010.

2. Win #2 – The goal was to walk 25 miles last week. I actually walked 35 miles and loved it.

3. Win #3 – The goal was to do strength training 5 times. Right on the money.

Something I also did last week that I would never have considered…….I fasted for the first time in my life. I actually did not bravehearteat for a whole day on Thursday, because I pigged out on Wednesday. I really screwed the pooch with a 3,838 calorie day on Wednesday via 2 business networking meetings, cocktails, hors d’oeuvre’s, filet o’ fish sandwich meal on the way home and intercourse with 3 chocolate  Zingers after ripping off the plastic wrap, immediately upon entering my home.

So you see, I have got this thing dialed now. I am taking the weekend warrior challenge creating longer range commitments through the week. So the weekend goals will now be incorporated into the week view, early in the week.

I visited my 92 year old dad today and I just enjoyed being with him, holding his hand and rubbing his back. He is not feeling well, but I think I did him well today, because I was feeling great and I could really make my dad laugh and remember the old days.

Thanks to all of us around the world doing the Weekend Warrior Challenge this past weekend.

Here’s a list of everyone who’s signed up for the challenge. These are great people that I have bumped into on the net. Please visit their sites as well:

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