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Men and Women Weight Loss is Different

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Gentlemen, we are unique. Successful weight loss for the male body  is easier than what is advised for women.  Our bodies need different types of exercise and different types of food than women’s bodies. Men’s bodies are designed to be active – as the natural provider and defenders that we have always been. Learning to pay attention to diet differences can help you to lose weight. Check this out as the best male weight loss plan….

Women’s bodies are designed uniquely to bear children. Womens’ bodies generally carry a greater percent of body fat than men’s bodies because of the need to support the systems needed to make babies. So women will much more easily gain excess weight than guys, given the exact same diet and exercise regimen.

So we have a slight advantage. Yet, we still gain weight also. One other difference that we can take advantage of is our preference for proteins. As you may have noticed,women have a stronger tendency to crave carbohydrates (candy and cake). You should utilize this preference and eat proteins whenever possible. There are a couple reasons for this:

  • Proteins carry less calories (than do an equivalent amount of carbohydrates) that need to be processed by your body.
  • You tend to feel much fuller when you eat an equivalent amount of protein as opposed to carbohydrates.

So, follow your natural instinct to choose protein as part of your overall nutritionally rich diet. Start by converting some of your carbohydrate-rich habits (potato chips,cookies, football food) into a diet that has a percentage of protein.It is nature’s way of helping you with losing man weight.

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Female Weight Loss, too

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

I was at the gymn today and I began speaking with a woman that I had seen there a few times. I did not know her, but it is rather easy for me to start this type of conversation at the gymn, since I am a regular. So, I just said “hello.” It is amazing what new things you can learn just  by reaching out to others.  Anyhow,  I will use the name Rosa in referring to her, to conceal her identity. As I mentioned earlier, I had seen Rosa on several occasions at the gymn and there is no question in my mind that she works hard at staying in shape. In short, she is a striking woman, that carries a little more than her share.  But I was intrigued why she was there.

Female and Male Weight Loss

Hamster Wheel for People

At this point, you might be wondering why I am telling you about Rosa? This is a blog for men, after all, right? Well, as it appears in my conversation with Rosa, that working hard to lose weight is not just a problem for men. Intelligent weight loss is not only a challenge for the male in gender. We think we are lazy. Well, we are not. Human beings are working much harder than any other species on the planet. Working hard is not the answer.

After asking Rosa how many times she comes to the gymn, she says four times per week,  for 2-1/2 hours each time!  She told me that she is also participating in kick boxing classes two evenings per week and weight training classes two other times per week. Wow! She then sheepishly told me that “she needs to lose some weight.” Additionally, without having yet reached her goal of losing weight, she was now concerned about getting too muscular. I can’t tell you how much compassion I felt for her at that moment. While talking with her, I noticed that she was feeling a little relieved to be able to tell someone her frustration in meeting her goal. I think she also felt complimented that she was noticed by a guy at the gymn.

Here is the point. We choose to put ourselves on a hamster wheel to lose weight. It does not need to be this way. Both women and men are doing this because they know of no other option except work, pills, unreasonable diets and expensive drinks and supplements. Although you may be embarassed to show your gut at the gymn, you can be quite sure that the women there know exactly how you feel. It’s OK.  At this very moment, be confident that punishing yourself to lose weight is doomed to fail. I will show you a better way. Stay tuned.

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