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Lose Weight By Eating Fast Food

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Couple eating burgers in convertible. Fast food and losing weight is not a problem for male or female.I love fast food. I like to eat healthy stuff,  but I love fast food. I live in the fast food “cradle of civilization” here in Chicago. We have Chicago-style hot dogs, great pizza, long stretches of suburban avenues dedicated to mom and pop and major franchise fast food drive-up places. On top of that, we have “take-out” of any kind of ethnic and American food you can imagine. It is no wonder that we not only live in the bread basket of the worldwide, but we look like it too.

I really think that is unrealistic to expect to lose weight and never eat the food you love. It is just not going to happen. When someone tells you to start out a “diet” by cutting out everything you love to eat, run in the opposite direction. Because they are telling you to do something that they could not even do. You love to eat fast food and so do they. Be realistic.

One of the foods I crave are shakes. I play music professionally and after closing another club at 1 am, all the gear is packed in the SUV and I am heading home, there is nothing more satisfying than getting an extra huge vanilla malt from Steak and Shake. (Oh, and by the way, I occasionally accompany that with a single steak-burger and those killer fries – lots of them).  It is particularly outstanding when it is summer, the soft summer breezes are blowing in the open car window and it is just me, the shake and the steering wheel on the way home.

So how do you lose weight by eating fast food?  Fast food is nothing but more calories. There is nothing evil in fast food. There are probably a lot of things that you do not need in fast food, but there is nothing but abundance in  fast food. Although fast food typically has more calories per bite than other foods, it is just calories. Here are 3 things to do to lose weight and eat fast food:

  1. Keep track of your daily calories. You need to know how many calories you are getting in total everyday. Take a look at my article on keeping track of calories. You will see how I list all of the food I eat and how to assess calories to that food. It is not really that hard. Although I use a spreadsheet to do it, you can use a piece of paper to do the same thing.
  2. Find out how much food your body needs. This might seem like a stupidly simple thing to say. But it actually is that simple. You need to get your body into “calorie deficit mode.” See the Fat Loss Formula for the basics of what I am referring to. Use a BMR (basal metabolism rate) calculator to figure out how many calories per day your specific type of body needs (based on age, weight, height, gender).
  3. Eat less calories than your body needs. Eat 400 or 500 calories less than your body needs from the BMR calculator in step #2 above, to get your body burning fat for you. When I know I am going to be playing a job at a club, I will eat lower calorie foods or less food, earlier in the day, to allow me to have that shake I will want on the way home.

You have got better things to think about than worrying about burning fat. Get the body to do your dirty work. When you know that you are going to have fast food, budget for it. Seriously.

Give yourself the fast food that you need!  Well maybe you do not need it, but you deserve it. What I have just told you should ease your mind about eating so that you can lose the weight, have what you want, so that you can get on to the things that are important to you – like having fun with your friends and/or your family.  Life is full of too much great stuff to spend thinking about losing weight. I hope you agree.