Fat Man Eating Burgers Diet SodaIf your plan to lose weight is by drinking diet soda, you better think again. Although you may believe that diet soda is your answer to reverse fat gain, you really should  know the truth. Diet soda, although the apparent panacea to losing weight, turns out to actually cause you to gain weight!

According to a study done under the direction of Sharon P. Fowler, MPH  with the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio,  the chances of becoming overweight or obese when drinking diet soda  are huge. According to this study, there is a 41% increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day. Here are 3 possible explanation as to why weight gain happens when you drink diet soda :

  1. Diet Mentality – if drinking  diet soda is your secret weight loss plan, you know what I am referring to. It is believed that when people start gaining weight, they switch to diet drinks. Your diet drink is not a diet. If it is, you need to immediately look at what you are eating, not only what you are drinking. Think about the paradox of showing up at the drive-up window, ordering a Big Mac, large order of fries and a DIET COKE.
  2. Taste Behavior – we have pampered ourselves into the inclination towards sweetness in your food and drink. You might say, “OK so what.” The thing is that when you give taste and no calories to your body, it is very possible that your body is not so easily fooled and will retaliate by craving the calories promised. Some diet soda studies have concluded that diet soda actually stimulates hunger.
  3. Body Chemistry - from the excellent video below, when you drink diet soda, your body becomes acidic and removes iodine that you body needs to lose weight.  Further, according to this additionally excellent article, your thyroid gland needs iodine to aid in metabolism of stored fat (aka belly fat, love handles and chin meat).

What To Do

  1. Drink Water – although you may dislike drinking water, water is the essential fluid for proper body functioning and in your particular case….to burn body fat. Find out here why you won’t lose weight without sufficient water in your body.
  2. Drink Herbal Tea – If you hate water, try drinking unsweetened herbal teas.

By choosing not to drink diet soda, you will be giving your body more favorable conditions for losing weight. You will also save a lot of money.For example,  if you buy a single 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke  per day  at $1.95 per bottle, you will $ 711.75 for that habit.