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Why Diet Soda Will Actually Make You Fatter

Fat Man Eating Burgers Diet SodaIf your plan to lose weight is by drinking diet soda, you better think again. Although you may believe that diet soda is your answer to reverse fat gain, you really should  know the truth. Diet soda, although the apparent panacea to losing weight, turns out to actually cause you to gain weight!

According to a study done under the direction of Sharon P. Fowler, MPH  with the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio,  the chances of becoming overweight or obese when drinking diet soda  are huge. According to this study, there is a 41% increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day. Here are 3 possible explanation as to why weight gain happens when you drink diet soda :

  1. Diet Mentality – if drinking  diet soda is your secret weight loss plan, you know what I am referring to. It is believed that when people start gaining weight, they switch to diet drinks. Your diet drink is not a diet. If it is, you need to immediately look at what you are eating, not only what you are drinking. Think about the paradox of showing up at the drive-up window, ordering a Big Mac, large order of fries and a DIET COKE.
  2. Taste Behavior – we have pampered ourselves into the inclination towards sweetness in your food and drink. You might say, “OK so what.” The thing is that when you give taste and no calories to your body, it is very possible that your body is not so easily fooled and will retaliate by craving the calories promised. Some diet soda studies have concluded that diet soda actually stimulates hunger.
  3. Body Chemistry - from the excellent video below, when you drink diet soda, your body becomes acidic and removes iodine that you body needs to lose weight.  Further, according to this additionally excellent article, your thyroid gland needs iodine to aid in metabolism of stored fat (aka belly fat, love handles and chin meat).

What To Do

  1. Drink Water – although you may dislike drinking water, water is the essential fluid for proper body functioning and in your particular case….to burn body fat. Find out here why you won’t lose weight without sufficient water in your body.
  2. Drink Herbal Tea – If you hate water, try drinking unsweetened herbal teas.

By choosing not to drink diet soda, you will be giving your body more favorable conditions for losing weight. You will also save a lot of money.For example,  if you buy a single 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke  per day  at $1.95 per bottle, you will $ 711.75 for that habit.

Why You Need Strength Training To Lose Weight

male lionI don’t know about you, but I was born lazy. I don’t like to work any more than I need to. That includes exercise. So if you think this article is about working out or exercising hard, you’re in the wrong place ! BUT, if you want to lose weight without working out hard, you need to read this article completely.

I think we need to be more like animals in nature. I like watching those nature programs. The BBC created a documentary called “Planet Earth” that I recently watched in its entirety.  I particularly appreciate those male lions lying out there on the Savannah. That is the way we need to be. This is purely natural for these powerful animals. It’s also natural for us.

In order to lose weight, exercise is necessary only as much, as your body naturally loses its own weight. If you look at ads for weight loss, you see a lot of glissening bodies of muscular male and female models working out.  I can tell you that I look great too, but I only spend 35 minutes in the gym 4 times per week.

Here are the scientific facts of how your body really loses weight on your behalf:

1. Resting Metabolism Rate - this is the number of calories your body burns per day while you are doing absolutely nothing…watching TV, sleeping,  arranging your little animals in Farmville. It is roughly approximated by the Harris-Benedict equation. This formula is the result of scientific studies and estimates your calorie burn rate (calories per day) based on age, gender, weight and height. If you are already eating less than this amount, you are already losing weight and  would most likely not even be reading this article. If not, read on…

2. Basal Metabolism Rate – Depending on your activity level, you can actually find out how many calories you will burn per day. This applies a factor to the calorie amount in Step #1 above based on your activity level. To lose weight, you need to eat less calories than this resulting number. This activity level elevates your metabolism both during activity and for a few hours after your activity. The problem is that for guys that need to lose a lot of weight, getting the cardio ramped up to a level where it really starts to burn significant calories is just not going to happen early on in the program. That is why the big burn comes from strength training.

3.Strength Training – This is the BIG BURN. When you build muscle mass, you are increasing the calorie burn all day long. You heard that right…..When you have increased your lean body mass with strength training,  you’re burning calories all day, not only while you exercise like aerobic activity. This is because when you do strength training, you are tearing down your muscles. When you tear muscles, the body repairs them with calories, nutrients and vitamins that you eat.  When muscles are torn, they repair WAY stronger than before. So your body is using up calories to build your muscles.

Here’s What To Do

From an interesting article on Strength Training and Weight Loss, it’s necessary to do about 30 minutes of strength training 2 to 3 times per week in order for your body to lose its own weight. Strength training for weight loss is the use of external resistance of exercise motion, against your normal muscular contraction to build muscle.

If you look at my strength training program, you’ll see that I utilize two separate workouts so that I don’t do the same workout, 2 days in a row. This is because muscles need some time to repair and I don’t want to work these muscles in two consecutive days.

1. Create a list of strength training exercises that you will do today. You need to work all the major muscle groups – chest, back, shoulder, triceps, biceps, abdomen, calfs, quadriceps, hamstrings. For today, choose only four of these – maybe work on chest, biceps, shoulders and quads.

2. Create a second list of strength training exercises that you will do tomorrow. Remember to include work on the abdomen muscles. Note that you cannot “spot remove” belly fat or love handles (or anywhere else either) by doing any type of strength training. Weight loss can only happen by reducing body fat evenly over the body.

3. Perform #1 and #2 alternatively throughout the week. At least two times per week. It is not necessary to do a total of more than 5 total workouts per week.

So, now you have 2 lists of exercises that you need to do to accomplish your weight loss goals. The best thing is to start right now. Notice, I didn’t say that you have to do these in a gym. For instance for chest, you can just do push-ups on your living room floor. So start now, with 15 push-ups.

Stay tuned. Due to the fact that strength training has such a profound impact on male weight loss, I will be writing in much more detail for your benefit.  Let me know what kinds of questions that you have by writing in the comments area. Thanks for stopping by.

Weekend Warrior Challenge May 2010 – 4 Aces!

4_aces4 Aces – Plus! I wish I had blue face paint. Because if I did, I would have put it on and a kilt to boot. I screamed results this last week. As you remember, I had a  pre-challenge goal of first breaking the 200 pound glass floor. I broke through On Friday, achieving 199 pounds. I had a private male smirk going on, as I strutted in slow motion from the gym scale.

On to the rest of my weight loss goals:

1. Win #1 – Kept the average calorie intake below the 2,000 calorie level. Specifically 1,787 calories was the average from Sunday April 25 through Saturday May 1, 2010.

2. Win #2 – The goal was to walk 25 miles last week. I actually walked 35 miles and loved it.

3. Win #3 – The goal was to do strength training 5 times. Right on the money.

Something I also did last week that I would never have considered…….I fasted for the first time in my life. I actually did not bravehearteat for a whole day on Thursday, because I pigged out on Wednesday. I really screwed the pooch with a 3,838 calorie day on Wednesday via 2 business networking meetings, cocktails, hors d’oeuvre’s, filet o’ fish sandwich meal on the way home and intercourse with 3 chocolate  Zingers after ripping off the plastic wrap, immediately upon entering my home.

So you see, I have got this thing dialed now. I am taking the weekend warrior challenge creating longer range commitments through the week. So the weekend goals will now be incorporated into the week view, early in the week.

I visited my 92 year old dad today and I just enjoyed being with him, holding his hand and rubbing his back. He is not feeling well, but I think I did him well today, because I was feeling great and I could really make my dad laugh and remember the old days.

Thanks to all of us around the world doing the Weekend Warrior Challenge this past weekend.

Here’s a list of everyone who’s signed up for the challenge. These are great people that I have bumped into on the net. Please visit their sites as well:

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