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The Truth about Belly Fat Exercise

Belly fat is the male weight loss obstacle

The Problem

One of the biggest questions that guys have about weight loss,  is how to get rid of belly fat.  Belly fat is a nuisance. I know that the only thing you want to do with belly fat is to kill it. You  don’t want to talk about, or complain about it or even exercise it. You just want to point a laser gun at the blob, and zap it into vapor.

Belly fat is what being fat is all about. The love handles are sort of Baja-fat – it is just belly fat that hangs over your hips and bulges out of your shirt. In this article I am going to tell you how to lose belly fat. Let me tell you a few things first.

The health risks associated with belly fat are huge. Because of all of the six pack ab adverts out there on the net and TV, the advertisers  give you the definite belief, that you need to exercise your belly fat away. Well, they are at least a little correct, but mostly wrong. They want you to buy their products. Don’t be fooled into buying their crap.

Don’t Get Fooled

Doing intensive ab work – crunches, tightening muscles, hundreds of push-ups is not going to make your belly fat go away. Most likely, it may actually increase your abdomen size. This is because, without removing belly fat, your ab work WILL build muscle below the established fat layers. This increased muscle will bulge your belly out further.

In order to have six pack abs, you need to remove the layers of subcutaneous fat that lies over whatever muscle is there. While you are doing that, you need to slowly build the underlying muscle. The truth is that you can only get six pack abs by reducing belly fat. In order to reduce belly fat, you will also be reducing your overall body fat. Makes sense, right?

Here’s What To Do

Here are the two things that you need to do:

  • Eat Within Limits – you need to eat less calories than your body needs.  Your body is like an inbox for food. Only, in this case,  when the inbox is overflowing, the body stores the food as fat. There is too much food going into your body, than is getting used. In this case you get fatter because your body is over-fed. You need to find out how much food your body needs and eat less than that. It is that simple.
  • Exercise Daily – the male human being is an animal. All animals are physical beings that are designed to use their bodies regularly. We are not designed to sit and watch TV, play video games or eat for sport.  Create an exercise program that suits you. Many guys hate working out. I know how they feel. I have been in the situation also and it is the reason I am writing you now. But most guys think that exercising needs to hurt. It doesn’t. It does not need to hurt, but you need to get moving.  You need to get both cardio exercise (exercising using your lungs and heart) and strength training. Cardio burns fat now. Strength training builds lean body mass that increases your metabolism rate, which burns calories all day long on your behalf.  Metabolism is like a flywheel on your car – get that thing turning and it keeps burning and burning calories. Just do it.

Steps 1 and 2 must become a habit.  You have a problem with food and exercise. You need new habits. That means, you must know a day before what you will eat (and not eat) and you need to know at what time you will  exercise the next day.  This does not happen naturally. When you plan a specific time to exercise, only then will you do it.

What Will Likely Go Wrong

Now here is what is going to happen. You will start your “habit” for one day and you will feel good about it. The next day, maybe you will do it again, but the thrill of having achieved your food and exercise goal will be gone. Even worse, you will still see yourself as a fat man. This is the critical point. Stay with me here. This is where your breakthrough will occur.

Whether you can see it or not, even one day of exercising and eating within bounds will have an effect. It will reverse weight gain. In a week’s time, you will be able to measure weight loss. Within your new habits, you are not wasting any effort. It is an investment and it is paying off. Give it time and effort.

Be easy but firm with yourself.   If you have finally decided to lose the gut, you will see that the two steps above are  really a simple recipe.  It is like knowing the recipe for a ham and cheese sandwich. The recipe is bread, ham and cheese. There is not much thinking required….you just need to do it.

Belly Fat Male Weight Loss

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The 25 Best Free Weight Loss Resources

Fat guy thinking about how to lose weightBeing overweight sucks. There are a lot of painful daily reminders about being a fat male, such as barely fitting behind the steering wheel or bending over to do anything. Thinking about weight loss is bad enough, but then you actually have to do something about it. Where do you start?

Many guys use the internet, because it is easy to be anonymous. Who wants to identify themselves as being fat? But, there is more weight loss chatter on the internet than you can shake a stick at.

I am going to cut through the clutter for you. I am friends with other fat guys on the internet that use these tools and are making great progress. So now, you do not have to go looking for all of the tools that me and other guys like you actually need. And luckily for you, no matter where you go, you’re going to see some gratuitous pictures of Jillian Michaels in skimpy outfits, and that ain’t bad!

Here are 3 reasons I have included these free resources here:

  1. Provide weight loss progress
  2. Easy to use
  3. They don’t use girly pastel colors (seriously)

The Top 10

  1. – Physics Diet is the way I keep track of weight, diet and metabolism.
  2. Weight Loss Forum – great place to meet other guys that must lose weight. Good support by those who have been where you are.
  3. – Visually pleasing layout.
  4. CRON-O-Meter – actual downloadable software that you can put on your PC, Mac or Linus machine.
  5. – this is a great tool to use if you want to keep track of your weight on your Facebook Page, MySpace, or blog. Nice little read out you can put anywhere.
  6. 3500: Weight Loss Tools – another downloadable software package that you put on your computer.
  7. SparkPeople Free Diet Plans – personalized diet & fitness plan, calorie counter, exercise tracker, fitness demonstrations & video, answers from dietitians & trainers on message boards.
  8. Lose It! – Free iPod and iPhone app for weight loss. Allows you to set goals and establish a daily calorie budget.
  9. Combat Fitness – here is a great place for weight loss fitness routines.
  10. – a lot of meal planning and charts and graphs here.

The Other 15 -  Useful Stuff

  1. Mayo Clinic Healthy Pyramid Calculator – quick and dirty calculator on how your meal plan per day should include.
  2. Calories Burned During Exercise - useful calorie counts for all kinds of exercises
  3. Exercise For Weight Loss – OK, this one is a little girly, but good.
  4. FitDay
  5. Calories Per Hour
  6. Nutridiary – Free Online Dieting
  7. Weight Loss Equations
  8. Fit Watch
  9. Calorie Counter
  10. WebMD BMI Plus Calculator
  11. Calorie Calculator
  12. The Daily Plate
  13. NutriMirror – Free Food Journal
  15. 100 Painless Ways to Lose Weight

What other weight loss stuff do you use on the net?  I want to make this list better. Please let me know ideas below…..

Belly Fat Male Weight Loss

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The Facts: Belly Fat and Heart Attack

Belly Fat Means Heart Attach - Male Weight LossHeart Attack – is a game stopper for men. A heart attack is like a personal lightning strike early in your life.  The biggest concern of guys is having their lives permanently changed or stopped. Weight loss for males is really about belly fat loss. Belly fat is the first place that men gain weight, and that is a sure indication of your health risk.

In the words of Michael Jensen, M.D., of Mayo Clinic – “People who gain belly fat are at greater risk of serious health problems than are people who accumulate fat in other areas — and men are more likely than women to gain weight around the waist.”

Belly fat is worse than fat in other parts of your body because of its effects on your arteries (based on research by Miina Ohman, MD, PhD and other medical researchers at the University of Michigan).  Belly fat is linked to atherorschlerosis (or hardening of the arteries) which makes heart attacks much more likely.

So, how do you know how much belly fat you actually have?

According to Dr. Jensen, there are a lot of sophisticated ways of testing how much belly fat you carry (body mass index, waist-to-hip ratio), but just measuring your waist is the easiest way to go.  So, here’s how to measure your waist:

  1. Put a tape measure around your bare belly just above where you can feel your hipbone.
  2. Pull the tape snug around your belly without being tight (there should be no tension on the tape).
  3. Makes sure the tape is level all around (use a mirror, if you need it).
  4. Relax, breathe naturally and do not suck in your gut.
  5. Read the number on the tape.

Heart attacks are much more prevalent for waist sizes above 40″ (or 102 centimeters). If you are at that number or beyond, you are at a significantly higher risk of a heart attack.  Exercise is a MUST for getting rid of belly fat. As usual, this must be done under medical guidance, because you do not want to put yourself at greater risk by reckless activity.

You’ve got to get the belly fat under control before it is too late.

Male Weight Loss

Belly Fat Male Weight Loss

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The Valentine’s Dog – Don’t Be One!

Disgruntled Fat Valentine CupidYeah…annual ritual, it’s Valentine’s Day. You know what I’m talking about.  It’s show time! Time to get gussied up and look as good as possible. That means pants with a zipper and a jacket with no zipper. For others guys, it means wishing you had a reason to get dressed up.

But for you, it’s freakin’ judgment day, dude! Either your gut and butt fit in your clothes or they don’t. She is expecting your best today. You coming up short of her expectations, may mean bedroom exile, later on. At the worst, you slide into home. It is what I call being a Valentine’s Dog. I have come up short on expectations on Valentine’s Day and ended up a Valentine’s Pooch. Ouch!

If  you bought new clothes for the occasion this year, you’re probably covered. But for the rest of us, fitting into last year’s clothes is, well…..”a stretch.”  This year, I’ve got most of the situation under control.  I’ve got dinner reservations for 7:00 pm at Baker Hotel in Saint Charles, I’ve got the flowers, and the candy. Oh yes, and THE CARD. (PLEASE, don’t forget the card).

So at the moment, I’m stuffed like a sausage into a large sized black sweater, but feel confident enough to be able to suck in my gut for the entire evening. I am wearing some black pants that are more than snug around the waist. But the overall package looks pretty good. So, I’ve got it covered as much as I can. I’ve been working out and eating the right stuff. But tonight, that really doesn’t matter, does it?  The question is, of course, how do I make sure she is happy tonight?

Well, here is how this is gonna happen tonight.

Listen carefully. It’s going to be, “you look as beautiful as the day I met you,” “these dozen roses are for the love of my life” and “I know you love chocolate, so I bought the ones you like.”  Then I tell her again, how beautiful she looks, tonight. Then guerrilla-like, I borrow a female tactic, and I ask, “do you like how I look tonight?”

This does two things:

1. It is very disarming - let’s be real here, she’s as willing as I am to run across home plate tonight. Right?  So if she really wants to cut me down at the knees, it may be to her disadvantage. Most likely, she’s going to say something nearly complimentary. It’s in her favor. A quote from “The Godfather” comes to mind – “It’s business Sonny, it’s not personal.”

2. It immediately clears the air – if she really has a problem with how I look, here’s her opportunity to say what she has to say. But even if she does say something negative, I can take it…because I asked her opinion. Even so,  she’ll feel better, because I asked her opinion and now she told me. It is out in the open. It’s OK. I’m a diplomat tonight.

This is brilliance. In practice, on “off days” (meaning not a big game night like Valentine’s Day), I have tested this method with great success. I am expecting great things tonight. I hope you get this in time. If not, I would like to hear your Valentine’s Day stories.

Good luck, and don’t get hurt out there.

Belly Fat Male Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Blog – a Path to Success

When I was slightly younger, and there was something that I just had to accomplish or have, I used a very successful strategy. I would tell everyone I knew what I intended so that I became accountable for getting what I wanted. I always got what I wanted, because I needed to do what I said I would do.

I still use this strategy, but now that we have the internet, being able to tell a lot of people our intention is much easier. Now with weight loss, there are millions of people that want to get themselves into a healthy life. And, there are a few guys on the net who are making their weight loss into a public event through blogging of their whole program – exercise, weight loss, diet and lifestyle.

One of these guy’s name is Andrew. Andrews male weight loss blog is called Andrew is getting fit.  Andrew lives with his wife in New Zealand. Along with showing the progress of his weight loss, fitness program and the types of foods he eats, he posts a lot of great pictures. I have always wanted to visit Scotland and New Zealand, and because of his pictures I have decided I want to visit New Zealand first. It might also be because it is now summer in New Zealand and winter in Chicago where I live. Cold here, warm there, hmmm easy decision. I am guessing that Andrew is able to carry his camera when he goes jogging because he shows seascape and landscape pictures of wherever he happens to run that day.

His goal is to run a half marathon in June and is considering upgrading his plans to a full marathon, but at this point, only thought. One of the things that Andrew uses, is a progress chart found at On his blog he has posted several of these charts  that shows his weight loss history. As of today’s writing he has lost 105 pounds and has only 15 pounds more to lose.

I find this to be a very valuable way of getting results – become accountable for losing weight and getting fit. I am also going to use the progress thingy to keep me on track.

Nice job Andrew. Visit his site at Andrew is getting fit

Belly Fat Male Weight Loss

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Weight Loss – Win The Inner Superbowl

Fat Guy Slim Woman Toasting The Superbowl

Fat Guy Slim Woman Toasting The Superbowl

Last night after watching Superbowl XLIV (Saints – Colts), I decided to watch a movie that I had seen before – Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto.” For some reason, I could not remember the story line, but I do remember liking the action and the tone of that flick. Additionally, the DVD/TV that we watched, did not have a remote so we could not turn on  the subtitles, so all we could do was watch it and listen to the music.  But today, suddenly I remembered the Will Durant quote, that Gibson had included after the opening credits to the movie. It states “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

I thought about it today, because gaining weight is really the external aspect of your internal condition. Think about it, when you’ve got  a strong inner game playing, everything is a breeze.  When you’re in the zone, you feel powerful and able to do anything. Trying to manage all of the outer aspects of weight loss is great. The strongest place to play though, is in managing what goes on inside your mind.

Take overeating as an example. You may have been one of the guys that consumed 4,000+ calories during the Superbowl. My guess is, if you did over-consume during the game, it wasn’t because you were hungry. It was probably because you were having fun and you had your buddies or family as company, and you weren’t thinking about the results of partaking in this annual pagan feast known as the Superbowl.

Having fun makes a lot of sense to me. But, if this is only one day of the entire “eating-for-fun season,”  then you do have an eating problem. If you are reading this though, there is hope. Not because of what I have written, but because you are aware of the changes you already need to make.

During the next football, basketball, or hockey game with your people around, pay attention to everything you eat and drink. I promise that when you start watching all the things you eat and drink, you will automatically start saying “no” more often. This is what I call the “winning at the inner Superbowl game,”  that will change your shape and how you feel. Weight loss happens one day at a time.

By the way, I’m glad the Saints won, New Orleans deserves to have their  spirits raised. I hope you agree.

Belly Fat Male Weight Loss

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Men and Women Weight Loss is Different

Gentlemen, we are unique. Successful weight loss for the male body  is easier than what is advised for women.  Our bodies need different types of exercise and different types of food than women’s bodies. Men’s bodies are designed to be active – as the natural provider and defenders that we have always been. Learning to pay attention to diet differences can help you to lose weight. Check this out as the best male weight loss plan….

Women’s bodies are designed uniquely to bear children. Womens’ bodies generally carry a greater percent of body fat than men’s bodies because of the need to support the systems needed to make babies. So women will much more easily gain excess weight than guys, given the exact same diet and exercise regimen.

So we have a slight advantage. Yet, we still gain weight also. One other difference that we can take advantage of is our preference for proteins. As you may have noticed,women have a stronger tendency to crave carbohydrates (candy and cake). You should utilize this preference and eat proteins whenever possible. There are a couple reasons for this:

  • Proteins carry less calories (than do an equivalent amount of carbohydrates) that need to be processed by your body.
  • You tend to feel much fuller when you eat an equivalent amount of protein as opposed to carbohydrates.

So, follow your natural instinct to choose protein as part of your overall nutritionally rich diet. Start by converting some of your carbohydrate-rich habits (potato chips,cookies, football food) into a diet that has a percentage of protein.It is nature’s way of helping you with losing man weight.

Belly Fat Male Weight Loss

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