When I was slightly younger, and there was something that I just had to accomplish or have, I used a very successful strategy. I would tell everyone I knew what I intended so that I became accountable for getting what I wanted. I always got what I wanted, because I needed to do what I said I would do.

I still use this strategy, but now that we have the internet, being able to tell a lot of people our intention is much easier. Now with weight loss, there are millions of people that want to get themselves into a healthy life. And, there are a few guys on the net who are making their weight loss into a public event through blogging of their whole program – exercise, weight loss, diet and lifestyle.

One of these guy’s name is Andrew. Andrews male weight loss blog is called Andrew is getting fit.  Andrew lives with his wife in New Zealand. Along with showing the progress of his weight loss, fitness program and the types of foods he eats, he posts a lot of great pictures. I have always wanted to visit Scotland and New Zealand, and because of his pictures I have decided I want to visit New Zealand first. It might also be because it is now summer in New Zealand and winter in Chicago where I live. Cold here, warm there, hmmm easy decision. I am guessing that Andrew is able to carry his camera when he goes jogging because he shows seascape and landscape pictures of wherever he happens to run that day.

His goal is to run a half marathon in June and is considering upgrading his plans to a full marathon, but at this point, only thought. One of the things that Andrew uses, is a progress chart found at PhysicsDiet.com. On his blog he has posted several of these charts  that shows his weight loss history. As of today’s writing he has lost 105 pounds and has only 15 pounds more to lose.

I find this to be a very valuable way of getting results – become accountable for losing weight and getting fit. I am also going to use the PhysicsDiet.com progress thingy to keep me on track.

Nice job Andrew. Visit his site at Andrew is getting fit

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