Weight Loss Challenge – April 2010

Weekend Warrior ChallengeWell, it was Weekend Warriors Challenge again this past weekend. Even though Easter in my part of world often has included chocolate bunnies and eggs, baskets and too many pastel colors, this year was none of that. I am glad to say that the desire for sweets is easily handled at my house. My son has type 2 diabetes and years ago, we learned how to curb the glucose parade.

He is 20 years old now and is in control of his own eating.  Luckily his father also almost knows how to control his eating. The April 2010 challenge was challenging. But I did not rise to the challenge. I sort of coasted well through it. I sort of let my eating, drink and exercise inclinations “seek their own level.” The result?

Challenge #1 – Eat Less Than 2,000 Calories.

I was 2 for 3 this weekend. I ate 2,103 calories Friday, 2, 310 Saturday and 1,989 calories on Sunday. The biggest offense in this category was that I drank wine. I drank Cabernet on a night out on Saturday to the tune of 4 glasses. In my prior article on drinking beer and losing weight on friday, I guess I did not mention wine much. Oops.

Challenge #2 – Walk 4 Miles Each Day This Weekend

Big win. The weather was beautiful this weekend and I also avoided whatever rain there was. I have transitioned from a runner to a walker in this last year due to arthro on the left knee. It is amazing how much I really enjoy walking. I bring  my IC recorder and either 1) listen to podcasts of spiritual stuff or 2) write articles by dictation into the mic. Very relaxing and creative.

Challenge #3 – Drink A Gallon Of Water Everyday

I am not sure why I set this goal. Obviously by that last sentence, you can tell I blew this one. I did drink about 60 oz of water everyday. I think I need to investigate the truth about how much water I need. I will write a well-researched article on this.

As you can tell, I am happy with my results even though on paper, I blew it.  I am OK with that because I know how to lose weight. I had dropped over 20 pounds since February 1, 2010. I had a goal of 200 pounds by March 31, 2010. I reached 203 pounds by April 2, 2010. No problem. Today, it is back to healthy habits, and feeling great.

Here’s a list of everyone who’s signed up for this weekend’s challenge:

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3 Responses to “Weight Loss Challenge – April 2010”

  1. Brandon says:

    Nice work Frank, it sounds like your weekend was at least mostly successful. Thanks for helping to make the Weekend Warriors challenge a success!

  2. Frank Dobner says:

    You’re welcome Brandon. The weekends will continue to get better and better. I think that is the point of this whole thing.

  3. Joe says:

    Very nice work my man. Glad to have come across you here.

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